Mary P. Domhan

Mary P. Domhan: I Love Your Strange

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Artist: Mary P. Domhan

Artist: Mary P. Domhan
Title: I Love Your Strange

I Love Your Strange is a lush concoction of melodic alt-rock, electro/pop crossover, acoustic, and 80's post-punk with sub-gothic harmonies. Mary P.'s writing style defies gender, celebrating the strange found in a menagerie of lost and lonely characters. As they cross through a world of emotional trespass, their experiences of isolation, intimacy and self-determination are revealed against a backdrop of mystery and stark imagery. Mary draws influence from Souxsie and the Banshees, Jesus and Mary Chain, Portishead, PJ Harvey and Danielle Dax.

1.1 Core
1.2 He's a Blowout
1.3 I Love Your Strange
1.4 Shiny Picture
1.5 A Happy Day
1.6 Ultra
1.7 Looking for Somewhere
1.8 Visitations

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