Maryann Harman

Maryann Harman: Having a Ball with Music

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Artist: Maryann Harman

Artist: Maryann Harman
Title: Having a Ball with Music

Maryann 'Mar.' Harman (Music with Mar.) has been writing songs since she started singing as a child. Her music uses brain research findings in songs that are pure fun with the learning right there beside it. No matter where she travels around the world, children all respond with the same eagerness to jump in and sing / dance with Mar. Buying one of her CDs is always a pleasure for the children in your lives (and, the adult as well.)

1.1 Everybody Has a Song (Good Morning)
1.2 Hey! Look What I Can Do (Feat the Mighty Mr. Billy)
1.3 Shake It! Bounce It!
1.4 Rain, Rain Go Away
1.5 You Have a Boo Boo
1.6 Let's Play Kazoo
1.7 Musical Movement Alphabet
1.8 Mr. Froggy's Hoppy Birthday Song
1.9 Sounds of Our Letter
1.10 A Baby in Our House
1.11 I L-O-V-E Y-O-U
1.12 The Animal Train
1.13 Let's Make a Silly Song
1.14 Say "Thank You"
1.15 What Do You Hear?
1.16 Everybody Goes to the Beach
1.17 Having a Ball with Music
1.18 Everybody Has a Song (Goodbye)

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