Marylee: 123-Sing with Me!

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marylee

Artist: Marylee
Title: 123-Sing with Me!

1.1 The Noble Duke of York
1.2 Everybody Have a Seat
1.3 I See the Moon
1.4 I Have a Little Bicycle
1.5 Head and Shoulders
1.6 If You're Happy and You Know It
1.7 Bengali Infant Massage Chant
1.8 Come Under My Umbrella
1.9 Red and Yellow, Green and Blue
1.10 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
1.11 Gray Squirrel
1.12 Little Ducky Duddle
1.13 Six Little Ducks
1.14 Five Little Ducks (Mommy Version)
1.15 Oh, Mr. Sun
1.16 Itsy Bitsy Spider
1.17 I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee
1.18 Open Shut Them
1.19 The Slumber Boat (Baby's Boat)
1.20 Row Your Boat
1.21 The Wheels on the Bus
1.22 Hear That Fire Bell
1.23 Hurry Hurry
1.24 My Pony Boy
1.25 Popcorn Popping
1.26 Crazy Rabbit
1.27 Five Little Ducks (Daddy Version)
1.28 You Are My Sunshine
1.29 Barnyard Song
1.30 You Are Special
1.31 The Girl That Daddy Loves
1.32 Brush Yourteeth
1.33 If All the Raindrops
1.34 Boa Constrictor
1.35 Five Dinosaurs
1.36 Boogy Woogie Piggy
1.37 Brahms' Lullaby
1.38 All Through the Night

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