Marylee: Some Irish Songs for My Nana

Marylee: Some Irish Songs for My Nana
Title: Some Irish Songs for My Nana
Label: CD Baby

'Always remember you're an Irish girl.' Those were the words spoken to Marylee by her great aunt Nellie--just before leaving Massachusetts for California. Standing by Nellie's rocking chair, holding those fragile old hands, a young girl, with music in her heart, committed the idea to memory. Her Irish heritage sings out in this recording of folk tunes, as well as the voices of her poetic and musical ancestors. MaryLee's vocal performances invite participation! A children's music specialist since 1985, she is the recipient of 4 Parents' Choice Awards and 2 American Library Association NOTABLE Children's Recordings and the producer/writer/performer of 14 CD's of traditional and original children's music. Her credits include a long career as a nightclub singer and band vocalist, recording the title song to Walt Disney's Apple Dumpling Gang and Mattel Toys' See *N Say, appearing in the MGM Elvis Presley film; 'The Trouble With Girls,' touring America as a member of 'Randy Sparks & The Back Porch Majority' and many concert appearances with the legendary Burl Ives. She received her certificate of study in Musical Theatre from London Drama School with distinction in singing. MaryLee performs 150+ concerts for children annually. She is the creator/performer of 'Classroom Concerts' for several schools in Monterey County and music workshops for parents of babies and toddlers. MaryLee is a frequent concert performer at public libraries throughout California and Washington, and leads musical theatre workshops for Pacific Repertory Theatre's School of Dramatic Arts in Carmel.

1.1 Londonderry Aire ("Acushla Mine" or "Danny Boy")
1.2 Cockles and Mussels
1.3 The Gypsy Rover
1.4 When First I Saw Sweet Nellie
1.5 Three Irish Waltzes: My Wild Irish Rose, Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
1.6 Wearin' of the Green
1.7 Fly Not Yet
1.8 Potatoes Are Under the Ground
1.9 Leprechaun, Leprechaun - An Interactive Story
1.10 St. Patrick Was a Gentleman
1.11 McNamara's Band
1.12 The Unicorn
1.13 Little Beggarman
1.14 Gartan Mother's Lullaby

Marylee: Some Irish Songs for My Nana

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