Masapeal: One Man Band

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Artist: Masapeal

Artist: Masapeal
Title: One Man Band

Masapeal (pronounced Maz Appeal) is musician and producer creating Nu Jazz upbeat music. His strong roots in a variety of musical genres are molded together to fuse an exciting blend of sound. Masapeal draws on his experience as a drummer and percussionist to help push the limits of the instrumental and experimental sound. 'One Man Band" is created on the concept of one man creating an entire album from start to finish. From the initial concept of songs, composing, mixing, and recording to the final production, this album is proof that one musician with limitless creativity and drive can create an upbeat album full of tracks for all to enjoy.

1.1 Visual Harmonics
1.2 Downtown
1.3 Field Trip
1.4 Cabbage Hill
1.5 Interlude One
1.6 Dream Imagination
1.7 Audio Horizon
1.8 Elemental Groove
1.9 Frequency
1.10 Interlude Two
1.11 Sound Fusion
1.12 Melody on Beats
1.13 Nu Jazz City
1.14 Question Mark
1.15 Interlude Three
1.16 Static Radio
1.17 Wicky Wicky Wah
1.18 Zany Sound
1.19 Stereo Phonic

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