Mason Porter: Mason Porter

Mason Porter: Mason Porter
Title: Mason Porter
Label: CD Baby

Mason Porter sits on the ground where creative songwriting and raw energy meld in to an alternative bluegrass sound that pushes the limits of traditional music. Combining lush harmonies with hand clapping sing-alongs and the unfiltered emotion of a hungry young rock band, Mason Porter is a force that evokes the spirits of each and every person whose life they touch. With a profound affection for the intrinsic and extrinsic powers of music, four guys held together by friendship and musicianship; these are the ingredients that in the end make Mason Porter a family connecting the musical past with the musical future. Mason Porter's' story begins the way folk music has been shared for centuries, with friends sharing songs and singing together. With each member being part of different musical projects though the years; the band came to together through late night jam sessions in West Chester, PA where passing the guitar around until the sun comes up is the normal order of business. Through this process the band was born in late 2006 with Tim Celfo on upright bass, Joe D'Amico on mandolin, Paul Wilkinson on guitar and Jesse Weber on dobro.

1.1 After the Day Is Done
1.2 If Whiskey Don't Kill Me
1.3 Ruby
1.4 Cold Rain
1.5 The Ballad of Ann Cotton
1.6 Coming Home

Mason Porter: Mason Porter

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