Mat Dickson: Land's End

Mat Dickson: Land&
Title: Land's End
Label: CD Baby

Mat Dickson's latest album, Land's End, completes the trilogy of albums in tribute to lighthouses and their keepers - if you're interested in discovering inspiring melodic guitar music with an undercurrent of maritime imagery, then these are just the albums for you! Mat Dickson's music creates a highly atmospheric soundscape, reflecting the ever-changing moods of the sea and the sky around the lighthouse; from storm to calm, cloud to sunshine - stimulating to relaxing, contemplative to uplifting. However near or far you may find yourself from the coast, the relaxing music of Land's End will take you on a journey where time stands still. Where the everyday world can become just a speck on the horizon in your mind's eye. A musical breath of sea air, guaranteed to help you unwind! If you're a fan of Mike Oldfield's instrumental music, Mark Knopfler's Celtic-flavoured soundtracks and Breton guitarist Dan Ar Braz you should really check this music out! Mat Dickson's guitar style has also been compared to that of Robert Fripp (King Crimson) and Marillion guitarist Steve Rothery - see the reviews of Mat's previous albums on the Beachcomber Music website. Are you a lighthouse enthusiast? Then Mat Dickson's albums are a 'must-have' for your collection! Each album is inspired by a different lighthouse: Land's End (Longships in Cornwall), The Keeper's Log (Skerryvore - Scotland) and The Lighthouse Keeper (The Needles - Isle of Wight). The albums feature watercolour paintings of the lighthouse, and also include the Admiralty marine chart of the local sea area. The Land's End CD, like the two previous albums, is presented in an attractive card 'Digipak' - a real collector's item! Track Listing and Times: 1. Isles of Scilly (4:10) 2. Shamrock Knoll (2:47) 3. Longships (3:12) 4. Shores of Atlantis (5:57) 5. Rain Later (3:40) 6. Seven Stones (6:04) 7. Keepers of Kernow (4:54) 8. King Arthur Canyon (5:03) 9. Watching the Sky (6:14) 10. Ocean Sunset (2:35) 11. Wolf Rock (5:07) 12. Sea of Glass (4:01) 13. Cape Cornwall (4:24) 14. Finisterre (5:21) 15. Celtic Sea (4:14) Total Time: 68:09.

1.1 Isles of Scilly
1.2 Shamrock Knoll
1.3 Longships
1.4 Shores of Atlantis
1.5 Rain Later
1.6 Seven Stones
1.7 Keepers of Kernow
1.8 King Arthur Canyon
1.9 Watching the Sky
1.10 Ocean Sunset
1.11 Wolf Rock
1.12 Sea of Glass
1.13 Cape Cornwall
1.14 Finisterre
1.15 Celtic Sea

Mat Dickson: Land's End

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