Roberts Matana

Roberts Matana: Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Roberts Matana

Title: Coin Coin Chapter Three: River Run Thee
Label: Constellation

Matana Roberts is one of the most acclaimed, socio-politically conscious and aesthetically intrepid avant-jazz practitioners of the 21st century. The critical accolades for her multi-chapter Coin Coin work place her at the vanguard of stylistic innovation and radicalization, while confirming the deep substance and soul that guides her compositional agenda. Roberts has long employed the phrase "panoramic sound quilting" to describe Coin Coin, and with this third chapter in the series she implements this metaphor most overtly.

1.1 All Is Written 10:05
1.2 The Good Book Says 2:39
1.3 Clothed to the Land, Worn By the Sea 3:24
1.4 Dreamer of Dreams 4:32
1.5 Always Say Your Name 1:52
1.6 Nema, Nema, Nema 4:19
1.7 A Single Man O' War 2:05
1.8 As Years Roll By 4:05
1.9 This Land Is Yours 3:44
1.10 Come Away 5:25
1.11 With Me Seek 0:57
1.12 J.P. 2:23

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