Matching Orange

Matching Orange: Matching Orange

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Artist: Matching Orange

Title: Matching Orange
Label: CD Baby

Matching Orange just released it's debut album in January of 2011! Featuring Eric McDonald (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Eric Eid-Reiner (piano), and Brendan Carey Block (fiddle), the band creates swirling levels of intensity, sometimes gritty, sometimes pure, and always engaging. Matching Orange players take full advantage of diverse musical backgrounds, with extensive training in folk, classical, jazz, and other traditions. The traditional music world contains two types of musicians: the ones that stick to the good old ways ("Trad to the bone") and the ones that push the limits. Matching Orange is one of the rare groups that is deftly able to walk this line. Distinguished by their high energy playing and brightly colored music folders, the sound they create is interesting and unique while maintaining a familiar feeling of age-oldness. The result is an alluring complexity. Wherever these three musicians travel, they are greeted with acclaim. Whether playing for the contra dances they cut their teeth on, jamming at a local pub, or bringing the house down at a formal concert, audiences are always excited to hear such a refreshing approach to traditional fiddle music. 'Matching Orange is one of the most inventive and talented bands in New England. It's a tremendous pleasure to see and hear such an accomplished collection of individual musicians with such flair and creativity. I expect we'll all have the benefit of looking back and saying we knew about this group from the beginning...join the club!' -- Mark Sustic, director of Young Tradition Vermont & founder of the Champlain Valley Folk Festival 'This traditional Celtic band offers their traditional served with a generous portion of innovation and experimentation. Based in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, they've been earning themselves a solid place in the world of music as one of the finest that the East Coast has to offer. In a region that's fairly protective, and also very savvy, about what constitutes traditional music, this is a pretty big feat. It's also a region where strong intellectual tradition guides the sentiments, and any kind of experimentation needs to meet certain standards from the musical elite. Matching Orange is well-positioned to fit the bill in all of these criteria, and the really good thing about the band is that they also happen to be pretty amazing performers.' -- 'This is a fine young band! Being contra dancers themselves, they understand how to please the dancers with their high energy playing. Matching Orange has a broad range of musical styles and a terrific sound! You'll love dancing to their music!' -- Lucia Watson, New England contra dance caller.

1.1 Old Favorite / Banks of Lough Gowna / All the Rage
1.2 Pretty Fair Maid / Farral O'Gara
1.3 Soft Shuffle / Trip to Herve's
1.4 Sovay, the Female Highwayman
1.5 Path to the Belfry
1.6 Reel Des Menterries / Reel de Boucherville
1.7 I Wish My Baby Was Born
1.8 Ross's Reel #4 / F Reel / Reichswall Forest
1.9 Key to the Cellar / the Blacksmith
1.10 Russell Road / BM Reel

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