Mathematicians: Level One

Mathematicians: Level One
Title: Level One
Label: CD Baby

Mathematicians were born of a singular idea: to bring the pulse to the people. Residing in the Tri-County Region of Upstate NY, the band was formed in Summer of 2003 when Pete Pythagoras (bass, vocals) brought this notion to a pair of his colleagues, Albert Gorithm IV (drums, laptop, vocals) and Dewi Decimal (keyboards, vocoder, vocals) with whom he used to perform lab experiments in earlier days. Soon the sound and the vibe were formulating and after an incubation period of approximately four months, they performed their first live experiment. The results were pleasing. They continued to refine and hypothesize for the next six months, further exploring the live element as well as writing and recording in the lab. In May 2004 the fruits of their labor came to light: Level One was released. At the time of the release of their first record they had performed only twelve shows and, simultaneous to the completion of their album, they embarked on their first national tour. This was a learning experience they couldn't have had without a sojourn into the unknown. After five weeks on the road, Mathematicians came home to find they now had a different outlook on their experiment. Their vision was more precise and they had tested various theorems and hypotheses, thus honing their skills and elevating their concept of what can be done. The summer of 2004 proved to be one of outdoor performances, friend making and acceptance into a previously unknown local scene. Autumn saw Mathematicians on the road for the second time, traveling from the Northeast, across the Midwest and to the front range of the Rocky Mountains once again. In 2005, Mathematicians left little time between tours, traveling throughout the U.S. spending roughly 100 days on tour that year as well as many local and regional expositions. By that Autumn, after returning from their last long term road voyage of 2005, they decided it was time, once again, to isolate themselves in the lab and create what would become Level Two. After four months of creative incubation, Mathematicians emerged from the studio for their first shows in months with a barrage on new songs in tow. That spring they set out on their longest national tour yet. Level Two was a highly anticipated album that moved quickly. Before they had finished that tour audiences were already requesting the new songs, which had never been played live in those areas up to that point. The tour concluded and Mathematicians remained active throughout the summer, hosting their own festival and traveling around the Northeast and mid Atlantic region. September of 2006 began their next road excursion throughout the Eastern United States, from East coast to front-range, Texas to Minnesota and many places in between. Level Two was now in full swing and Mathematicians had added a home-made lighting rig to their stage set up. The rest of 2006 saw Mathematicians traveling to new venues and towns they hadn't performed in before throughout the Northeast playing colleges, clubs and all-ages halls. If you see Mathematicians coming to your town, participate in the experiment. Free your mind and wipe your eye-glasses!

1.1 Theme
1.2 Not a Theme
1.3 Input/Output
1.4 Cruisin'
1.5 Binary Girl
1.6 Child of Satan
1.7 Hypotenuse of Love
1.8 4 Eyes
1.9 Harpsicode
1.10 E= MCS
1.11 Subtract My Life
1.12 Theme

Mathematicians: Level One

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