Matias Manser: Home?

Matias Manser: Home?
Title: Home?
Label: CD Baby

With a fresh new sound and spirit Matias brings an exciting musical experience to the table Through living and performing in Europe and the U.S. for several years he has honed his craft as an artist and musician With his catchy, melodic and edgy style of songwriting, distinctive guitar playing, and a dreamy to angst-ridden voice he has won the hearts of his audience On his album 'Home?' which he wrote, recorded, arranged and produced he delivers a powerful yet intimate alternative style of music with a message that is honest and insightful, passionate and heartfelt.

1.1 Complain
1.2 Falling from Grace
1.3 Ghost of Past Years
1.4 Happy Now?
1.5 High
1.6 The One
1.7 Cup of Sorrow
1.8 Alone
1.9 Your Way
1.10 Time to Say Goodbye
1.11 Rain on My Morning

Matias Manser: Home?

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