Matt Epp: Orphan Horse

Matt Epp: Orphan Horse
Title: Orphan Horse
Label: CD Baby

Dear Listener, It is said that 'the mountains and plains and forests of Canada paint a profound picture' I would color it a boundless beauty, shade it a complicated freedom (Couldn't one stand in the center of such bigness and feel imprisoned by the vastness?) I've often believed that the geography of a place somehow insists it's way into an artist's work Gladly this is the case with this album, Orphan Horse True as his birth in Crystal City, Manitoba these wonderful recordings are open, sparse, and honest real as the ground we walk on Music that feels as natural as the earth that shakes, spins, and cradles us Wearing his emotions on his sleeve, Epp sings us a magnetic collection of songs about lovers, lonely mothers, and missed rendezvous' about the wide open plain, the call of endless beaches Of the looming thugs and prostitutes of sad towns and cities with no exit (Junction City) He sings about faith and rejection, injustice and love about the people who give up, the people who hold on The songs are hopeful (My Love Will Come), confessional (You Should Know), Biblical (Love Is A Camel), observant (Come Clean), and tall in praise (She's High Water) They are sensitive to the unseen withering from a day to day life (The Mom Song), the tragedy of a broken heart (Sophia), and then the true unbridled love song (Orphan Horse) In a world gone topsy turvy Matt's songs look to find the best part of you then they take you by the hand, they even pat you on the back The music itself seems to come from near and far (Is it not the one true recycled substance on the planet?) Round and round it wants to go Walk down the streets of Tin Pan Alley where it meets rhythm and blues and the invisible walls of Rock and Roll, the cobblestone of Folk See where Frank Sinatra meets Ryan Adams and walks with Sam Cooke to Woody Guthrie's house. Listen to what comes from the mysteries of everyday life and perhaps from an old land wellspring Born anew in harmonica reeds and the far off sounds of piano keys and their big room melody the beautiful back round vocal leaning gently on a rhythm guitar Matt Epp's crystal voice...the troubadour from Crystal City... Reminds us of the profound picture, the boundless beauty Come a riding on an Orphan Horse. -Jesse DeNatale.

1.1 She's High Water
1.2 Orphan Horse
1.3 Junction City
1.4 My Love Will Come
1.5 Come Clean
1.6 You Should Know
1.7 The Mom Song
1.8 Sophia
1.9 Love Is a Camel
1.10 Falling Is Easy

Matt Epp: Orphan Horse

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