Matt James: Evolution

Matt James: Evolution
Title: Evolution
Label: CD Baby

Matt James - The Entertainer - didgeridoo player extraordinaire - percussionists, guitarist, vocalist and song writer. An electric performer Matt has earned the reputation for creating tribal grooves, rich in rhythm and melody. It has been said on many occasions that Matt can play the didgeridoo like no other. He can turn the familiar drone of this instrument into a beautiful musical symphony of sounds that can soothe and warm the heart, and then thrill and excite the senses. Hearing is believing! Self taught he began playing the didge when he was given one for his 21st birthday, and virtually hasn't stopped since. His patience paid off when he mastered the circular breathing, through hours of practice. He soon began to add other instruments layer upon layer. First a djembe, then his guitar, his facination for blending sounds of instruments began. With these unique sounds, he set off to the Eumundi Markets to do some busking. He was one of the first musicians to entertain the crowds that flock there. The reaction was unbelievable, he left his listeners gobsmacked and wanting more. Matts' diversity of talent continued when both bands he played in produced award winning albums - the first Soul Prism followed by Tribal Trance. His passion for music has brought him to a level where he and his music are in constant demand, not only for gigs, but for documentarys, scores for films, musicals, promotional work, computer games, TV commercials, dance studios, and corporate entertainment. A natural gifted musician, the soul of Matts work lies in the hypnotic mood of all his work. You can't stand still when Matt performs, you simply have to move. EVOLUTION This Award winning album is Matt's first solo project An assortment of drums, flutes, didgeridoos, keyboard and guitars along with vocals feature throughout the album which ebbs and flows from bouncy rhythms to slow and soothing sounds. This album will leave you wanting more and keep you smiling for days to come.

1.1 Jakawako
1.2 Wind Am I
1.3 Katapata
1.4 Mama Ao
1.5 Message to Your Mind
1.6 Didgitron
1.7 Earth Warrior
1.8 Evolution

Matt James: Evolution

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