Matt Kendrick: Bass City

Matt Kendrick: Bass City
Title: Bass City
Label: CD Baby

BASS CITY Trios to 14 piece. Straight ahead and out. Jack Wilkins sax. Steve Kirkman drs. Fred Pivetta piano. Steve Blake sax. Chris Deane percussion. Kendrick bass. +The Eternal Winds octet. Recorded 8/8/88 in Charlotte NC. Features 10 songs with total playing time at 55 minutes. Songs include a piano trio of Nardis. The only piece on the CD not by Matt Kendrick. Other titles include 'My Head Hurts'(My favorite) 'Way Out Down South' and 'The Blank Ones'. A more straighahead jazz type CD with some great tunes on it. This one garnered a lot of reviews and they were all good for whatever that's worth. It was made with a grant from the NC Arts Council. They gave us free money and we took it and did something cool with it. About the Eternal Winds Bass City has The Eternal Winds on two cuts; Cosmic Message and The Eternal Winds. This is a unique group of woodwinds and brass. They consist of Bassoon, Oboe, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Trombone,Trumpet, Tuba and French Horn. What happened is these Euroclassical players were not really a costumed to improvising.So I wrote out verbal instructions. Cosmic Message is interesting with each players improv note being based on their birth date. This is a Rosacurian table given to me by drummer, Roy Brooks. Each astrological sign has a corresponding note instead of an animal. This takes us out of the animal kingdom. I suppose this is desirable.So each player would play their note however they wanted for a specified number of bars. This results in cosmic chords. Underneath the rhythm section keeps a groove going. The results need to heard. I'm not going to try to describe the sound here. Furthermore, I don't know if I believe all that stuff or not but it makes pretty cool music. The Eternal Winds (the song) uses prescribed ways of playing the improv but leaves the notes up to the player. Instructions include trills, long tones, freak out FFF and so on. I would cue the players from instruction to instruction until the fabled 'freak out triple forte' would come up. Then back to recapitulation of the theme and out. I came up with these little devices to enable the symphony players in this town to come up and play at the Jazz open mic night I have hosted on Tuesday nights for years. Tuesday is concert night for them and after the big show a lot of the musicians come and hang. They have their instruments and me not being one to overlook an opportunity to do something different .....

1.1 Turnslide
1.2 Cosmic Message
1.3 My Head Hurts
1.4 Way Out Down South
1.5 Nardis
1.6 April 1st
1.7 8%
1.8 The Blank Ones
1.9 Yaboo's Face
1.10 The Eternal Winds

Matt Kendrick: Bass City

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