Matt Otis

Matt Otis: Life Love Death

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Artist: Matt Otis

Artist: Matt Otis
Title: Life Love Death

While bridging the indie/acoustic and folk/rock world, Otis has created an eclectic blend of songs that have quickly gained notoriety throughout America, while expanding overseas. Otis is often noted for his crystal clear vocals with lyrics that project his love for art and life in general. Life Love Death combines beautiful acoustic guitars with various violins, while creating an album that stands in a genre of it's own. Rather than boasting himself, Otis has always believed it is better to hear from others, when describing his music: "...Life, Love, Death is an amazing CD, to say the least...." -Jimmy Allford - PA Music Scene Reviews "....Each and every song makes this album a magnificent piece of art..." -Gonzo Arzamendi (CEO of Arzuk Productions and Reviews) "... Otis creates refreshingly original music that entwines unique rhythms with heartfelt and soul-filled lyrics.... his love of life, the human race, and a music are magnificently captured on his live performances and studio recordings..." (Tim C. Reviews) "...Otis' lyrics are both intelligent and thoughtful.... each undeniably catchy song has it's own distinct flavor, while evoking a variety of emotions..." (Mirror Music Reviews) "...Matt's art gives birth to a new feeling and sense of consciousness that is never really explored in the independent/indie/folk scene...quite simply check this guy out!" (V.G. Productions) With little sleep, Matt Otis quite simply lives to play his original music on and off the stage! Matt has the humble dream of continuing to produce undeniably catchy songs with meanings that cause listeners to click repeat. With an attitude that is anything, but arrogant, Matt has sought to continue to expand his music and message to everyone at his shows, while ultimately spreading the language of love through his music.

1.1 The Most Important Thing
1.2 Voices
1.3 Wither Away
1.4 Love Inside My Head
1.5 The Sea Is Part of Me
1.6 Slow It Down
1.7 Life Is a Drug
1.8 Mercy of the Wind
1.9 Happy to Be Lost
1.10 All We Ever Had

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