Matt Palmer

Matt Palmer: Stranger Than Fiction

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Artist: Matt Palmer

Artist: Matt Palmer
Title: Stranger Than Fiction

R&B/Pop singer-songwriter Matt Palmer is preparing to release his brand new EP Stranger Than Fiction on June 24. His soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics lave led to collaborations with some of music's most exciting producers and songwriters, including Oak Felder (Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown), Fraser T. Smith (ADELE, Britney Spears) and the Jackie Boyz (Madonna, Justin Bieber). The seven-song EP marks Palmer's first release an openly gay musician. After graduating from NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music and writing for pop acts like Big Time Rush and Leon Thomas, Matt felt the urge to start writing and performing songs from his own perspective. According to Palmer, "[t]here is a limit to how much of yourself can be put into songs for other people. There are less limitations writing for yourself." This new creative freedom allowed him explore genres and lyrical themes only hinted at in his previous releases, and work with new producers DFRNS and Drew Scotty (Fantasia, Dawn Richard). Stranger Than Fiction's first single, "Teardrops," is an urban-pop take on unrequited love and samples Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on my Guitar." The EP also includes the radio-ready pop soul of "Break-Up," glittery EDM of "Whatever it Takes" and the stripped down, piano-and-vocal-only "Free."

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