Matt the Electrician

Matt the Electrician: Matt the Electrician Is Alive

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Artist: Matt the Electrician
Title: Matt the Electrician Is Alive

Matt the Electrician and band recorded two live shows at Flipnotics Coffeespace in Austin, TX on May 8th, 2010, and this is the result, hope you like it...

1.1 Animal Boy
1.2 What's So Funny
1.3 Change the Subject
1.4 China Airline
1.5 Valedictorian
1.6 College
1.7 Osaka in the Rain
1.8 Got Your Back
1.9 Crying
1.10 Water
1.11 Bridge to Nowhere
1.12 Prison Bones
1.13 Baseball Song
1.14 Bacon Song
1.15 Facebook Friend
1.16 Train

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