Matt Tutor: Matt Tutor

Matt Tutor: Matt Tutor
Title: Matt Tutor
Label: CD Baby

There was never any doubt about what path Matt Tutor's life would take. At the age of 3, he was running around the house picking up guitars, and singing in the church choir. Growing up in a region known for it's deep musical heritage, Matt was exposed to a wide variety of genres ranging from Gospel to Blues, Bluegrass to Rock. Every aspect of the music captivated him, and even in his earliest gigs, you could hear him finish up a Muddy Waters tune and go right into a song by Ray Stevens. Style and Genre have always held little meaning for Matt as the music swirled around in his head and kept driving him toward learning more about all of it. He has no concern for classification. He only knows music. He started playing the guitar shortly before High School, in spite of having wanted to play it from a very early age. His parents insisted on ten years of piano before playing anything else. Fortunately for all of us, they acquiesced after nine. His passion for playing, singing, and performing are plainly obvious to anyone, regardless of whether he's caressing a Telecaster with his band behind him, or whether it's just him with his Taylor. He simply loves to perform, and it shows. At 18, he started working in studios around Memphis. Over the last 13 years, he has recorded with such people as Derek Trucks, Eric Gales, R. L. Burnside, James Cotton, Dave Smith, Steve Potts, Carl Weathersby, the HI Rhythm Section, and Bob Brookmeyer. He can be heard playing and singing on several albums, including albums by Derek Trucks and Melvin Taylor. He received critical acclaim from the rendition of Led Zeppelin's 'Custard Pie' that he recorded with Eric Gales and Derek Trucks on the album 'Whole Lotta Blues: The Songs of Led Zeppelin.' His study of music has continued as well. In December of 2000, Matt received a Bachelor's Degree in Jazz and Studio Performance from the University of Memphis. His educational pursuits would eventually land him in Boston, Massachusetts, where he would receive a Master's Degree in Jazz Composition from the New England Conservatory of Music. In Boston, he had the honor of studying with such legends as Bob Brookmeyer, George Russell, and Malcolm Peyton, as well as younger, though equally brilliant, composers like Ken Schaphorst and Allan Chase. His self-titled debut album is the culmination of years of passion and years of study. The two sides of his music, electric soul and acoustic stories, have been blended together to form a wonderful listening experience. From the mildly dark sentiment in the opening tune, 'Would You Love Me Anyway' to the tongue-in-cheek humor of 'Please Forgive Me,' from the highly energetic 'Mrs. Jones Again' to the laid back groove of 'All I Need Is You,' the listener is taken through a journey along the various life paths everyone crosses from time to time. Love, life, mistakes, regret, faith, doubt, and second chances fill up this eclectic mix of Blues, Soul, Folk, Funk, and Rock. Solid, almost infectious grooves support wonderful, charming stories. The songs have beginnings, middles, and ends, and by the end of the album, you've been through many experiences with the characters in the songs. This is an album for everyone, with at least a couple of songs for even the pickiest music aficionado. The variety is refreshing, the musicianship is delightful, and the production is terrific. While the songs may vary slightly in terms of genre, the musical thread is always there: it's all honest, it's all real, and it's all Matt.

1.1 Would You Love Me Anyway?
1.2 Stand in for Me
1.3 If I Could Write This Song Again
1.4 Mrs. Jones Again
1.5 Is It Just Me?
1.6 Please, Forgive Me
1.7 Northern Lights
1.8 Patches
1.9 All I Need Is You
1.10 When I'm with You, I'm Me
1.11 Pretty Little Red Headed Girl

Matt Tutor: Matt Tutor

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