Matthew Levine: House Divided

Matthew Levine: House Divided
Title: House Divided
Label: CD Baby

The featured song, A House Divided, a rock anthem with orchestra, choir, and ethnic instruments, took Levine 20 years to finish writing. "I wanted to show the indomitable spirit in action calling out to it's collective self to unite, not unlike the villain in Terminator 2 who, after he's apparently destroyed, is recreated when his scattered beads of molten metal coalesce into his former self." (So what's wrong with mixed metaphors?) The 122-track recording was mixed three times before it was ready for mastering. Los Angeles producer G Tom Mac's first words in response to his initial listening of On The Fence was "It's f*****g brilliant!" About compatibility issues in a couple's relationship, On The Fence suggests The Beatles mixed with contemporary folk-rock. If the cello lines don't remind you of Beatles producer George Martin, nothing will. The rest of the album largely comments on environmental and spiritual themes from the Sting-like The Mother Tongue, the Joni Mitchellesque The Man Upstairs, to the jazzy, cinematic Beautiful featuring the spoken word of Levine's 5-year-old son, Andrew. The album finishes with A Home That Forever Will Stand sung by Traci Harris--a rousing gospel piece for people of all religions that has received a grand prize and two first place songwriting awards.

1.1 House Divided
1.2 On the Fence
1.3 Seven
1.4 Mother Tongue
1.5 Hunter
1.6 Children of the Amazon
1.7 Trio
1.8 Man Upstairs
1.9 Wherever You Are
1.10 Beautiful
1.11 Home That Forever Will Stand

Matthew Levine: House Divided

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