Matthew Parmenter

Matthew Parmenter: Horror Express

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Matthew Parmenter
Title: Horror Express

Known for his narrative songwriting and costumed performances as front man for Detroit's progressive rock band Discipline., Parmenter delivers a varied dreamscape full of shocks and surprises in Horror Express. (Running Time: 61 minutes) For other releases, see Parmenter's first solo CD astray (2004), the Discipline. CDs Push & Profit (1993), Unfolded Like Staircase (1997), and the DVD Discipline. Live 1995 (2005).

1.1 In the Dark
1.2 O Cesare
1.3 Escape Into the Future
1.4 Kaiju
1.5 Snug Bottom Flute and Starveling
1.6 Golden Child
1.7 Monsters from the Id
1.8 Polly New
1.9 All Done (Horror Express)
1.10 The Cutting Room

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