Matthew Pierce

Matthew Pierce: Lion Witch & Wardrobe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Matthew Pierce

Title: Lion Witch & Wardrobe
Label: CD Baby

Told through a dazzling fusion of dance, acting, and puppetry, our story begins when Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter are sent off to the countryside to avoid the Blitz. Lucy discovers a magical wardrobe that leads them into the fantastical world of Narnia. The four siblings become embroiled in an epic battle between the White Witch and the great lion Aslan. It's an epic adventure with terrible betrayals, great battles, heroic deeds, and noble kings and queens! Libretto and Lyrics by Janet Stanford with additional lyrics by Bari Biern; Choreography by Septime Webre & David Palmer; Music composed by Matthew Pierce.

1.1 Goodbye
1.2 Marbleton Manor
1.3 Discovery of Narnia
1.4 I'll Show Them
1.5 Into Narnia
1.6 Robin's Warning
1.7 At Mr. Beaver's Lodge
1.8 The Prophesy
1.9 Castle of the White Witch
1.10 Poor Mr. Tumnus
1.11 Gifts
1.12 Spring at Last
1.13 The Chase
1.14 Swear and Raise Your Paw
1.15 Deeper Magic
1.16 The Battle
1.17 Narnia

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