Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp: Sonic Fiction

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Artist: Matthew Shipp

Artist: Matthew Shipp
Title: Sonic Fiction

After a duo album - Live at Okuden (ESPDISK 5007CD, 2015) - and two trio albums - Live at Okuden (ESPDISK 5009CD, 2016) and This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People (ESPDISK 5011CD, 2017) - by Matthew Shipp and Mat Walerian, all for ESP-Disk', they offer a quartet album that continues their strategy of working with different musicians each time out. Michael Bisio and Whit Dickey are long-time collaborators with Shipp, but the addition of Walerian's Zen style changes the dynamics of their interactions. Walerian and Dickey, masters of restraint, were a match waiting to be made, and their instant rapport is one of the attractions of this album. Personnel: Matthew Shipp - piano; Mat Walerian - alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet; Michael Bisio - bass; Whit Dickey - drums.

1.1 First Step
1.2 Blues Addition
1.3 The Station
1.4 Lines of Energy
1.5 Easy Flow
1.6 The Problem of Jazz
1.7 The Note
1.8 3 By 4
1.9 Cell in the Brain
1.10 Sonic Fiction

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