Matthew Woolsey

Matthew Woolsey: Guitar Melodies

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Artist: Matthew Woolsey

Artist: Matthew Woolsey
Title: Guitar Melodies

Just music, simple, melodic. A soundtrack that creates the perfect atmosphere. Sit back and relax we will provide the music. After self publishing two CD's and scoring his first Independent film, guitarist Matthew Woolsey has decided to share his music with the general public. His first CD, titled 'New Balance', can be heard in Salon's and Spa's, throughout Northern California. 'New Balance' is a collection of arrangements of acoustic contemporary instrumentals, that can be enjoyed by a wide audience of listeners. Woolsey's musical interests are self indulgent, however, with the recent success and distribution of 'New Balance', he has been inspired to continue to record and produce his music. MMW Productions, Woolsey's production company, has received numerous letters from several organizations and individuals that have found a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment in their everyday lives by listening to his harmonic rhythms and soulful melodies. His music is very soothing and relaxing. 'Guitar Melodies' was recorded at Woolsey's studio in order to best capture the melodic sound he wanted, Woolsey cut the majority of the album's tracks live in the studio.

1.1 Back to What
1.2 What Next
1.3 Just Blues
1.4 Never Let Go
1.5 Save Some for Me
1.6 Something I Heard
1.7 Sunny
1.8 Walking with Purpose
1.9 Playtime

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