Maturan Diomedes

Maturan Diomedes: 20 Best Diomedes Maturan

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Artist: Maturan Diomedes
Title: 20 Best Diomedes Maturan

Diomedes Maturan dubbed as the "Perry Como of the Philippines" because of his cool, gentle style of singing. He rose to fame by winning the popular singing competition "Tawag ng Tanghalan" for his song "Rose Tattoo". "20 Best Diomedes Maturan" is a compilation of his greatest hits including "Rose Tattoo" and "Dinggin" which is another fine collection representing many well received favorites. Diomedes has become established as one of the steadiest selling popular chanters in the business. He has also emerged as a fine distinguished performer before the Philippine klieg lights.

1.1 Rose Tattoo
1.2 Dahil Sa Iyo
1.3 Kay Hirap Pala NG Iwanan
1.4 Bakit
1.5 Dinggin
1.6 Buhat
1.7 Sana'y Maniwala
1.8 Gabi at Araw
1.9 Di Maipagtapat
1.10 Thru Eternity
1.11 In Despair
1.12 Di Mo Man Lang Pinansin
1.13 Lahat NG Araw
1.14 Nasaan Ka
1.15 In This Corner
1.16 Magmula Ngayon
1.17 Ako'y Nakikiusap
1.18 Alam Mo Ba Mahal Kita?
1.19 Don't Play with Fire
1.20 Kailan Man Hanggang Wakas

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