Maturo: Forever

Maturo: Forever
Title: Forever
Label: CD Baby

Most favorite songs on Forever are: Forever, Sometimes, Ethereal (both mixes), Collusion, Mandeep. Forever is the second album released by MATURO. In keeping consistent with the first album Carpe Diem, Forever is also a mix of piano pieces and upbeat songs with a real deep feel. The title track Forever and the ambient song Ethereal seem to have hit home with fans as well as the tribal track Mandeep. Forever will give the listener a journey into the soft side of MATURO as well as the energetic lift at the end of the album. BIOGRAPHY Hailing from Southern California, Maturo was created and formed in 1997 by Troy Maturo. Troy's journey began in the 90's after being seriously injured in a car accident. With a lot of time confined to his bedroom, he purchased his first keyboard. Realizing that he had a gift to music he self-taught himself to compose his first piece titled "Glance" consisting of piano and accompanied strings. October 1997 saw the release of his first album "Carpe Diem". At this time he began playing live as a regular at Universal Studios. This strong release demonstrated the musical abilities of Troy and had been very well received by fans. August of 1998 Maturo released a second album titled "Forever". With adding the Irvine Spectrum to his performance schedule he produced a following for his music. Again, this album was loved by all ages and targeted all demographics. Troy found that his music was an inspiration for his fans and received many requests for addition purchases and letters of praise and appreciation. With the success of Carpe Diem and Forever Troy continued to pursue his love for music and in 2002 released a third album titled "Sanctuary". Throughout the years as a solo artist he has proved that he has a gift for composing, producing and recording. Shortly after the release of the third album, Troy decided to take a sabbatical and concentrate on a new found family life that had began with his wife and newborn daughter. Music still had a place for him but at this time it was necessary to take a small break. Now in 2008 Troy felt it time to reestablish his career in the music industry. With a 6 year break his passion has grown stronger and goals have become higher. Wanting to reach more listeners and fans he has began working on the 4th album which will be released in mid 2008 and titled "Infinity". He feels that this release will prove to be more successful and stronger than the previous albums. Along with the new album Troy has embarked on a side-project which consists of a more dance experimental style of music called Maturo-ALT. Maturo is expected to reach new heights in the future.

1.1 Coming Home
1.2 Forever
1.3 Textures
1.4 Sometimes
1.5 Ethereal
1.6 Tranquility
1.7 Timeless
1.8 Collusion
1.9 Hollow Dreams
1.10 Transitions
1.11 Mandeep
1.12 Ethereal [Remix]

Maturo: Forever

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