Maureen McElheron: Mood Fishing

Maureen McElheron: Mood Fishing
Title: Mood Fishing
Label: CD Baby

Maureen McElheron and Hank Bones write the music for the surreal animated films of Bill Plympton. Their films have been featured on MTV, Cartoon Network and Bravo as well as in movies worldwide. Here are Musical highlights from Academy Award nominated animator Bill Plympton's magical films. Sit back and listen to Rockabilly Races, Scary Chases, Wacky Battle Hymns, Lush Love Ballads and Twisted Tunes. Sure to put you in a good mood!

1.1 Rough and Tumble
1.2 First Kiss
1.3 Put Put
1.4 Prom Queen
1.5 Together Everafter
1.6 Mutant Aliens
1.7 Alien Critters
1.8 Mood Elevator
1.9 Secret Agent
1.10 Western Showdown
1.11 Da Ba Da Ba
1.12 Opera Battle
1.13 Remember Christmas
1.14 Keystone Kops
1.15 Funhouse Mirror
1.16 Hipster Twist
1.17 Somewhere Up There

Maureen McElheron: Mood Fishing

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