Maurio Marcus

Maurio Marcus: Simple But True

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Maurio Marcus

Title: Simple But True
Label: CD Baby

The recording musicians, long time friends and associates with me on this CD are Bill Thornton-Drums out of Meridian Mississippi and Dennis Morlan-Bass out of Houston TX. We met doing the cover scene back in 2006 in Fort Worth and Dallas TX. Bill and Dennis have many associations including Steve Forbert and Omar and the Howlers. I have worked for many musicians and took a 6 year hiatus which was probably the hardest time in my life or at least one of them because of responsibilities 2000-2006. Upon returning I decided to step out and drive it myself. The inception for this CD began in 2006. The material on this CD is both new and current as well as songs refined that originally had been composed many years ago but not published. Majority of this CD was recorded on Adat's it took 5years because I financed everything myself and would not settle or compromise to get the best product. The music has gone through studios in Atlanta Ga, Meridian Mississippi, Nashville Tennessee as well as Germany and the UK one notable aspect is it was mastered by Abbey Road online mastering and our engineers credits include Blondie, Gary Moore and others and has been involved with projects for Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and Iron Maiden to name a few. I love all Instruments in fact my first was the trumpet but, There is just something about a guitar acoustic or electric. Sliding or bending those notes and the myriad of chords that can touch a piece of your soul it is an instrument of magic to me. I really don't know how to classify this album but used the closest main and sub genre's I could. I basically took my experiences and wrapped it with a blues overtone although one could be considered alternative. By all means drop me a line on my website and give me some feedback. We also recorded this remotely as we were never all three in the same studio at one time because of out schedule's. This CD definitely has a lot of history and mileage behind it which, I think comprises it's soul. There was many times I wondered if I was going to get this to happen and the Joy to hold this CD in my hand and write you this letter is beyond words! I am very proud of this CD as it is my fledgling and hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to my family for their love, never ending support and faith as well as Paul "Woody" Woodruff1958-2010, Todd and Valerie Brennan, Joe and Debbie Cantu, Clay Barnes, Omar Gomez, Walter Covert, Cheryll Martin, Fortworth Musicplex, Dogwood studios, Bill and Nicki Atkinson of Demarko solutions, The pepper mill people, Aicrovision, Frontporch CD, Stephanie Acosta and all at I-20, and last but not least: the great musicians I have in my crews, all of you to numerous to mention here who were apart of this, and of course...that little ghost in Dahlonega Ga. I will Remember...

1.1 Funky Down Home Love
1.2 Spellbound
1.3 Ugly Woman
1.4 Voodoo Heathen
1.5 Walkin' Away
1.6 Stray Dog Blues
1.7 Amy Jes
1.8 Simple But True
1.9 Hip Shakin' Woman

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