Max Keenlyside: Mostly Max

Max Keenlyside: Mostly Max
Title: Mostly Max
Label: Rivermont

Pianist Max Keenlyside is a "musician's musician" in the very best sense. His fresh and imaginative interpretations of ragtime and stride have been widely praised by critics in the US and abroad for their stunning musicality. "Execution is one thing and execution with feeling is another," writes reviewer Jack Rummel, "and Max has got a lot of Harlem in his soul." For as long as he has been playing ragtime, stride, and jazz, Keenlyside has composed in the style as well, and he has earned a reputation as as one of the finest ragtime composers today. "Mostly Max" is a refreshing program featuring eleven of Keenlyside's own celebrated compositions, along with a suite of works by Willie "The Lion" Smith and a waltz by James Scott - all played to perfection in sparkling sound on a gorgeous Steinway Model D. CD includes a 12-page illustrated booklet with detailed notes by the artist. 54 minutes.

1.1 Too Many Spoons!
1.2 The Facemelter
1.3 Suffragette Waltz
1.4 Charlottetown Rambler
1.5 Amherst Rag
1.6 Northern Lights Rag
1.7 Tell Me, Jelly
1.8 Concentratin'
1.9 Passionette
1.10 Keep Your Temper
1.11 Morning Air
1.12 Twenty Before Twenty
1.13 One for Dad
1.14 One for Mom
1.15 Waltzing in Wintertime
1.16 Airplane to Chicago

Max Keenlyside: Mostly Max

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