Max Steiner

Max Steiner: Casablanca (Original Soundtrack)

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Artist: Max Steiner

Artist: Max Steiner
Title: Casablanca (Original Soundtrack)

It's exotic locale, the romantic chemistry of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman with a gripping equation of star-crossed romance and hard-boiled valor made Casablanca an Oscar-winning surprise that erased Warner Brothers studio executives' disappointment in George Raft for not signing on as Rick, the suave, mysterious proprietor of the café that serves as ground zero for this timeless 1942 classic. Max Steiner's urgent score, and the equally contentious insertion of Dooley Wilson's now indelible saloon reading of "As Time Goes By," has made the film's music an integral piece of this pop cultural puzzle, finally enjoying a formal soundtrack issue more than a half century after theatrical release. As part of Rhino's ambitious soundtrack project with Turner Entertainment, which owns the film, Casablanca is anything but tossed-off, restoring extensive portions of the original score along with evocative dialog excerpts and annotating the history of the film and it's sonic counterpart. Here's looking at you, kid.

1.1 Medley: Main Title / Prologue
1.2 Medley (It Had to Be You / Shine)
1.3 Knock on Wood
1.4 Rick and Renault
1.5 Arrival of Ilsa and Victor at Rick's
1.6 Play It Sam... Play "As Time Goes By"
1.7 Of All the Gin Joints in All the Towns in All the World
1.8 Medley: Paris Montage
1.9 Medley: At la Belle Aurore
1.10 Ilsa Returns to Rick's
1.11 Medley (Die Wacht Am Rhein / la Marseillaise)
1.12 Ilsa Demands the Letters
1.13 Rick Confronts Ilsa and Laszlo
1.14 Airport Finale / Here's Looking at You, Kid
1.15 Medley (Shine / It Had to Be You) (Alternate Orchestral Version)
1.16 Dat's What Noah Done (Outtake)
1.17 Knock on Wood (Alternate Version)
1.18 Medley (Ilsa Returns / As Time Goes By / Bitterness / Laszlo / Agitato No. 1 / Ilsa / la Marseillaise)
1.19 Medley (Laszlo / As Time Goes By / Orders / Die Wacht Am Rhein / Motor / Ilsa Returns / Telephone / Deutschland \Xdcber Alles / la Marseillaise / Plane)
1.20 As Time Goes By

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