Max Urban

Max Urban: Phlegm Fatale (Original Soundscore)

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Artist: Max Urban

Artist: Max Urban
Title: Phlegm Fatale (Original Soundscore)
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 How Do You Think?
1.2 Our Little Window
1.3 Boy Scout Fever
1.4 Seriosa
1.5 In the Gardeen
1.6 Danse Mechanique
1.7 New Wave Now
1.8 Would You Like to Go Shopping?
1.9 Outerwear
1.10 Allisons Wonderland
1.11 The Enchanted Phonebooth
1.12 Flem Fatale
1.13 Lose My Number
1.14 Japanese Potatoes
1.15 The Microscopic Johnsons
1.16 She Done Me Wrong
1.17 Finale: Nadine Speaks

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