May Nasr

May Nasr: Lil Ghaly

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Artist: May Nasr

Artist: May Nasr
Title: Lil Ghaly

May Nasr has inspired a world-wide following with her plaintive voice and meditative music. She often focuses on the plight of the Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi and Arab people in her music, using songs of peace, love, and resilience to inspire positive change in local and global Arab communities. A strong voice for social justice as well, Nasr helps support local charities and organizations throughout the world with her many popular concerts. Lil Ghali was produced after 10 years during which May Nasr sang popular songs of other famous artists inluding Fairouz, Salwa Qatrib, Ahmad Kabour, and others. 'When I sing, whether alone or in front of a crowd, I forget about everything around me and just let my heart do the reaching out through the melody and meaning I so wish to convey. It is like a meditation for me, and it gives me deep satisfaction and gratitude to see that other people actually find it as satisfactory for them to hear me sing.' - May Nasr WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID: 'May sings with her guitar, her heart and the beautiful voice with which she has been blessed.' - Zaki Nassif (Lebanese folk music icon) 'May's singing comes from the heart and has the ability to go straight to the heart.' - Fareed Abou El Kheir (renowned sound engineer, Lebanon) "..May's singing pours out a huge flow of humanitarian feelings and emotions for our never-ending struggles for peace in the Middle East, the most important of which are true patriotism and love for the land, friendship and hope. [Her] life style and her daily life both as a musician and an independent consultant in microfinance training services for programs aimed at improving poor people's lives, are embedded in her songs on her CD. One is unable to separate between the songs she sings and her daily way of living. She sings everywhere, amongst university students, town and city halls, all in her usual simple style carrying her guitar, her only shield and instrument, with no false pretenses.. Her only aim and concern is to express her thoughts, feelings and beliefs to the widest range of people through her voice and guitar." - Sahar Taha - Iraqi Musician and Columnist at Al Mustakbal Newspaper - Beirut -.

1.1 Lil Ghali [The Loved One]
1.2 Searching for the Moon [Ma Tes2Ali]
1.3 We Defy Darkness [Nusar3O Dalam]
1.4 The Forgotten Case [Al-Qadiyeh El-Minsiyyeh]
1.5 Caminare [Ma3Koun Bimshi]
1.6 Najwa's House [Beitik Ya Najwa]
1.7 The Sea [Al-Ba7R]
1.8 No, Don't Come Back [Ma Terja3]
1.9 Salt and Sugar [Mel7 Wo Sukkar]
1.10 The Road [Al-Tariq]
1.11 Never By Force [Mish Bil-Ouyyeh]

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