Mayday Radio: Subtle Divide

Mayday Radio: Subtle Divide
Title: Subtle Divide
Label: CD Baby

Mayday Radio was born from the musical mind of Jeff Ting, a classically-trained pianist who was ultimately lured away from Mozart and Beethoven by the sonic thunderstorms created by rock juggernauts such as U2 and Pearl Jam. Inspired by the limitless potential he found in just 3 overdriven guitar chords married with a harmonic cadence of words, he set out to sculpt his own melodic visions into a reality. The result is Mayday Radio, a modern rock group armed with dynamic vocals, driving rhythms and inspiring guitars. Hailing from New York City, Mayday Radio has cultivated a strong following and has performed at some of NYC's and Boston's premier clubs including the Lion's Den, Harper's Ferry and T.T. The Bear's. Mayday Radio's debut album, The Subtle Divide, has been over 2 years in the making. The song themes run the gamut from political to personal and visit upon yesterday's failures as well as tomorrow's possibilities.

1.1 Sound the Alarm
1.2 Walk to the Sea
1.3 Ultraviolet
1.4 Innocence Breakdown
1.5 A Little Glory
1.6 Stay Awake
1.7 Oxygen
1.8 Ghosts in My Head
1.9 Love Radiate
1.10 Wheels of the World
1.11 The News, Frontpage

Mayday Radio: Subtle Divide

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