McLean, Bitty / Sly & Robbie: Love Restart

McLean, Bitty / Sly & Robbie: Love Restart
Title: Love Restart
Label: Tabou1
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bitty McLean is a very strong singer, who together with Sly & Robbie plus the Taxi Gang (Robbie Lyn, 'Lenky' Marsden, Mikey Chung, 'Sticky' Thompson, 'Dougie' Bryan) has created a collection of tunes that has class stamped all over it - something you might expect from Bitty McLean and these well experienced musicians. Although many see him as a singer who's specialised in delivering beautiful romantic songs, Bitty McLean also excels on a number of noteworthy roots tunes that are part of this new album. One of them is the strong "War Is Over", a track known from the December 2016 released 10? vinyl EP which furthermore included "Never Let Me Go" and two versions of "Rumours" by Bunny Rugs. The great "Babylon Has Fallen", a popular theme in roots reggae music, shows that he's not only an excellent singer but also a real good songwriter. The same goes for the solid "Open Eyes (Crisis)", a message tune which most likely musically has to grow on you. That however is not the case with the gorgeous "Is That Your Reward", a moving cultural tune with an awesome backdrop that gets under your skin. Easily amongst some of the finest is the spiritual "Every Word & Move", a tune with an inspirational vibe. And then there's also the solid "My Call", which is just as fine as "Every Word & Move". Needless to say that Bitty McLean shines bright on fine love songs like the opener "Take My Heart (Love Restart)", "Broke My Heart" and "Made To Fall In Love". In particular "Song Of Songs" is a very delightful offering and one which rises near the top of the album.

1.1 Take My Heart (Love Restart)
1.2 Song of Songs
1.3 Broke My Heart
1.4 My Call
1.5 Babylon Has Fallen
1.6 War Is Over

McLean, Bitty / Sly & Robbie: Love Restart

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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