McMahon Elizabeth

McMahon Elizabeth: Waltzing with Fireflies

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Artist: McMahon Elizabeth
Title: Waltzing with Fireflies

Enjoy the many musical styles that make this recording so enjoyable, swing, folk, country, and the merengue. From the folktale 'Henny Penny' to the accordian filled title song, the music is fun and original. Recorded outside of Ithaca, New York with the talented musicians of the area and produced by Elizabeth McMahon, singer-songwriter and Molly MacMillan, piano player and singer of harmonies, this magical and cheerful recording is loved by children, parents, and grandparents alike.

1.1 Riding My Bicycle
1.2 Columbus Said
1.3 The Earth Is Still Sleeping
1.4 Discombobulated
1.5 Woolly Bear Story
1.6 Dear Old Woolly Bear
1.7 Hopscotch Toodle-Oo
1.8 1,000 Daisies
1.9 100 Year Old House
1.10 Columbus in the Rain Forest
1.11 Waltzing with Fireflies
1.12 Different Way of Talking
1.13 Fiddle I Fee
1.14 Butterfly
1.15 Henny Penny
1.16 The Earth Is Still Sleeping
1.17 I Love the Morning
1.18 Columbus Is Happy
1.19 Sing from Your Heart

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