Meade Skelton

Meade Skelton: We Talk in Circles

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Artist: Meade Skelton

Artist: Meade Skelton
Title: We Talk in Circles

The Long Awaited EP Release for 'We Talk In Circles' is finally here. Meade Skelton's YouTube hit- We Talk In Circles- is a fun catchy song that was stuck in people's heads ever since the summer of 2004. Now, it's finally out: both on a 10' vinyl record release and compact disc. Included in the mix is a blend of Meade's quirkier songwriting sensibilities- including 'Hipsters Ruin Everything'-a fun sing along about our trendier and intellectual snobby contemporaries, 'River City'- a tribute to Meade's home city of Richmond, Virginia, and poetically closing with a Christian Contemporary number 'Crossroads'. We Talk In Circles- The EP: is a 6 song collection that has the fun and quirky side of Meade, along with the soul of his previous work. We Talk In Circles is a rockabilly 50s country flavored production, that has a modern day feel. Enjoy Meade's passionate vocal delivery, along with great backing from The Meadow Street Band- all members of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia. We Talk In Circles: The EP. So Very Meade!

1.1 Those Bad Things You Do
1.2 We Talk in Circles
1.3 Hipsters Ruin Everything
1.4 Shopping for Love
1.5 River City
1.6 Crossroads

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