Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?

Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?
Title: Are You Serious?
Label: Dirtnap Records

2009 album from the Portland Garage Punk rockers. The 13 Garage Pop tunes on Are You Serious harken back to the Lookout! Records of the early '90's, when Pop-Punk meant snotty low-brow three chord goodness and not glossy soundtracks to mall strolls. Like any good Cretin's soundtrack, the songs about partying vs. Songs about girls ratio leans fully toward PBR fueled Pogo Punk. Pitchfork already said the Mean Jeans come over like the Ramones mixed with a pinch of Joan Jett's classic Bad Reputation and makes you want to slam dance with it's guitar riffs and rollicking drumbeats.

1.1 Born on a Saturday Night
1.2 Steve Don't Party No More
1.3 Rats Roaches and Jeans
1.4 Party Animal
1.5 No Brainer
1.6 Outta Smokes
1.7 Case Race
1.8 Slime Time
1.9 Total Creep
1.10 Throwin' Stones
1.11 Space Trash
1.12 2 Much Cocaine
1.13 Let's Pogo B4 U Gogo

Mean Jeans: Are You Serious?

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