Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans: Tight New Dimension

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Mean Jeans

Artist: Mean Jeans
Title: Tight New Dimension
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Since forming in 2006, Mean Jeans have become one of the better-known bands of the Pacific Northwest punk scene for their chaotic but relentless attack, raucous live shows, and fierce commitment to the art of partying. With two full-lengths under their belt on Dirtnap Records, and a slew of 7"s; Fat finally landed these party animals for their much anticipated third album. Tight New Dimension picks up right where Mean Jeans' last record left off. Simple garage style rock n' roll, with all the hooks, energy and humor; and just enough Ramones to satisfy all Mean Jeans fans old and new.

1.1 Long Dumb Road
1.2 Nite Vision
1.3 Croozin'
1.4 Michael Jackson Was Tight
1.5 2 Far Out 4 Me
1.6 Trash Can
1.7 Last Nite on Earth
1.8 4 Coors Meal
1.9 Allergic to Success
1.10 I Don't Care That I Don't Care
1.11 Ripped, Shattered ; Alone
1.12 Are There Beers in Heaven?

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