Meat Beat Manifesto

Meat Beat Manifesto: Autoimmune

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Meat Beat Manifesto
Title: Autoimmune

Meat Beat Manifesto has been hailed as one of the frontrunners in the electronic music scene since 1987. Front man Jack Dangers has avoided being categorized by continuously expanding his musical influences and overall direction of the band. No two albums sound alike. Now, with this tenth release, the group is pushing musical boundaries even further, creating a tour de force of electronic genius sure to spark renewed interest in the dubstep and electronic music scenes.

1.1 International
1.2 I Hold the Mic!
1.3 Hellfire
1.4 Less
1.5 Solid Waste
1.6 Lonely Soldier
1.7 Children of Planet Earth
1.8 Young Cassius
1.9 Guns N Lovers
1.10 Return to Bass
1.11 62 Dub
1.12 Colors of Sound
1.13 Spanish Vocoder
1.14 International Reprise

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