Mega Bog

Mega Bog: Dolphine

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Artist: Mega Bog

Artist: Mega Bog
Title: Dolphine
Product Type: VINYL LP

Mega Bog is the fluid musical moniker of songwriter Erin Elizabeth Birgy, who has spent the last ten years channeling, capturing, and releasing her unique bouquet of fragrant, sci-pop experiments with a handful of bicoastal collaborators. She is joined on her fifth and finest album (and first for PoB) by members of Big Thief, Hand Habits, and iji, who help her spin a manic web of emotions into beautiful, abstract future poems and thrilling genre perversions.

1.1 For the Old World
1.2 I Hear You Listening (To the Bug on My Wall)
1.3 Diary of a Rose
1.4 Dolphine
1.5 Left Door
1.6 Spit in the Eye of the Fire King (By Ash Rickli)
1.7 Truth in the Wild
1.8 Shadows Break
1.9 Untitled (With "C")
1.10 Fwee Again
1.11 Waiting in the Story

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