Megahit V.9 (Hk)

Megahit V.9 (Hk): Megahit V.9 (HK)

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Megahit V.9 (Hk)
Title: Megahit V.9 (HK)

Special Asian Exclusive Compilation Featuring 17 Recent Chart Hits.

1.1 Oops! I Did It Again
1.2 The One
1.3 Bye Bye Bye
1.4 It's Only Us
1.5 Day ; Night
1.6 Never Be the Same Again
1.7 Unforgiveable Sinner
1.8 Flying Without Wings
1.9 Don't Wanna Let You Go
1.10 Bag It Up
1.11 Right Now
1.12 Automatic
1.13 Deeper Shade of Blue
1.14 Rewind
1.15 I Wanna Know
1.16 You Make Me Love You More
1.17 What I Am

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