Megama & Moshe Yess

Megama & Moshe Yess: Greatest Hits of Megama Plus!

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Title: Greatest Hits of Megama Plus!
Label: CD Baby

It was 1978 and Moshe Yess had just moved from Hollywood, California to Jerusalem. He rented a little apartment at 11 Aveenoam Yeeleen Street. Next, he enrolled in D'Var Yerushalayim Yeshiva and met Rabbi Shalom Levine who became his mentor in Halacha and his musical partner in Megama. They spoke about harnessing American style music to communicate the beauty and values of Judaism. Thus was Megama (Hebrew for 'direction') born. They toured for over 3 1/2 years. One tour was 32 shows in 29 cities in 42 days. 'My Zaidy' was Megama's biggest hit. Art Raymond told them it was the most requested song he ever had in 18 years of New York broadcasting. (Copyright 1999)

1.1 My Zaidy
1.2 Prayer Book Blues
1.3 Jack Schwartz
1.4 Dollar Bill
1.5 David Cohen's Bar Mitzvah
1.6 When the Messiah Comes
1.7 Learnin' from the Torah
1.8 Pushka, Pushka, Pushka
1.9 G-D Is Alive and Well in Jerusalem
1.10 Hee-Nay Matov
1.11 Dear G-D
1.12 Yosef My Son
1.13 The Ninth Man
1.14 Melaguena

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