Megan Manoram: Brand New Dress

Megan Manoram: Brand New Dress
Title: Brand New Dress
Label: CD Baby

Music cradles and sustains. It has the power to inspire and calm. Megan was drawn into this haven at an early age and has been actively involved in music since 1991 through school performing groups and private instruction. She says there was always a conversation going on in her head that needed to be put to music and the music she wrote became her new diary. Desires and frustrations no longer took the form of a litany of misgivings frozen on a journal page. As lyrics, they took on a much more meaningful and constructive form, not just as a release for Megan but also as a means of offering solace. Megan worked on various projects and collaborated with good friend and working musician, Kenny. She also fronted the band 'Shiny Rhino' in 1997. When day jobs became priorities for some of the band members, Megan decided it was time to concentrate on personal projects and began seriously pursuing her own songwriting. She worked on crafting structurally sound and poignant songs through a lot of guidance and trial and error. Megan also worked and attended school, with her studies culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree. Though she is somewhat of a perfectionist, she is also willing to fail. Some accomplishments are dearer by virtue of being forged through struggle. With this in mind and the guidance, experience and talent of Kenny, Megan took a leap of faith and poured herself into creating her debut album. For Megan, music is a state of mind; mood conveyed through sound. Creating music is quite simply a necessity and a happy way of life. She loves transforming an idea into a song and sending it out into the world with the hope that it will tell you something.

1.1 Crazy Dreams
1.2 Dangerous Curve
1.3 Neither
1.4 Beautiful Creatures
1.5 Skin
1.6 Where Is She
1.7 Silver Trains
1.8 Violet Sky
1.9 In Between

Megan Manoram: Brand New Dress

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