Megan Munroe

Megan Munroe: Married to the Melody

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Megan Munroe

Title: Married to the Melody
Label: CD Baby

Bordering on the Nashville line, Megan blends bluegrass, country and pop together with her thought-provoking lyrics and rich vocal expression. This emerging talent has just completed her first full-length CD 'Married to the Melody' which showcases her ability to write original music that entertains and inspires. With an inexhaustible library of orginal music yet to be recorded, this album is just a glimpse into the soul of a songwriter whose journey has just begun. From quiet beginnings in Small Town U.S.A to a busy career in the L.A entertainment world, Megan's whole life has pointed toward the pursuit of writing songs that relate to real life. This journey began at age six, when she penned her first lyrics. From her early days as a tomboy on a small farm to moving to L.A at seventeen, Megan has come back home to Seattle seemingly unscathed with nothing but a backpack of catchy melodies and emotionally evoking stories of heartbreak and happiness. A prolific writer, Megan spent several years incubating her talents and creating a rich library of original songs before finally deciding it was time to step out and show the world what she was made of. This year saw the release of her first full-length recording, Married to the Melody, an album that spans genres while remaining true to her small-town roots, blending bluegrass, mainstream country and classic rock with a Nashville-flavored twist. Adding to this her thoughtful lyrics and pouring it all out through a voice that is at once warm, expressive, and powerful, Megan Munroe is a performer who continues to captivate her rapidly growing fan-base, along with anyone else who listens.

1.1 This End of Goodbye
1.2 On Hold
1.3 1200 Square Feet
1.4 August Rain
1.5 I Win You Lose
1.6 Over Me
1.7 Love Takes Time
1.8 Too Good to Be True
1.9 Patch of Blue
1.10 Lost My Mind
1.11 Ghost
1.12 Married to the Melody

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