Megan Slankard: Token of the Wreckage

Megan Slankard: Token of the Wreckage
Title: Token of the Wreckage
Label: CD Baby

Packed with unforgettable melodies, inspired performances, and featuring world-class production, A Token Of The Wreckage, Megan Slankard's third album, is the result of a three-year journey. Since the release of her last full-length album six years ago, Megan's life has changed in almost every respect, both personally and professionally. Her experiences and insights are chronicled in the songs of Token, an album about growing up and facing the world. Written as the country has seesawed between hope and dejection, between optimism and fear, the album features characters who are battered but unbroken. Token was recorded with Megan's outstanding band, and with help of members of Counting Crows, Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express, and Train. '...full-bodied songs led by acoustic guitar and Slankard's sweet yet forceful voice.' - SF Weekly (4/2/11) 'She writes contemplative, well-crafted songs that hint at a career much larger than her singer-songwriter labeling would suggest.' - AZ Night Buzz (Tucson) (3/10/11) '(4-Stars) Showcasing originality and embracing an astonishing story-telling technique, mixed with a sensational vocal ability, this record has really shone through...' - Maverick Magazine (UK) (April 2011) "These songs feature winding melodies and intricate arrangements and that silky smooth voice that already has fans around the world captivated...This album will no doubt solidify her place in the world of music." - (3/1/11) "This young lady has everything that it takes to go as far as she desires. An outstanding alt-rock release from an artist that has talent to spare." - Planet Weekly (2/28/11) "Megan Slankard's First New Album in Three Years is a Winner...You won't regret hearing it and your life might even be a little better for the effort...It's just a lovely, complete, wouldn't-want-to-change-a-thing-about-it sound." - Rad Bennett, Soundstage! Xperience (2/22/11) '...her expressive voice sells like shovels in a snowstorm.' - Roctober (2/20/11) "Slankard is one of the most organic females growing in the present musical landscape...Those that pick up "A Token of the Wreckage" will be rewarded with an expressive and well-thought out album." - Ashley Wilson, The Mountain Times (2/17/11) "If you're a fan of girlishly- voiced singers, Megan Slankard is worth a blind buy." - East Bay Express (2/16/11) "I became a fan of Megan Slankard when hearing Freaky Little Story. Since then, Megan has furthered matured in her music and it shows. A Token of the Wreckage is a great album with heartfelt lyrics and terrific music. Megan has come yet a step closer to the international stardom that some, like me, feel she someday will have." - Bruce Von Stiers (2/7/11)

1.1 A Token of the Wreckage
1.2 Fair Enough and Farewell
1.3 Our Little Secret
1.4 The Tragic Life of Caleb
1.5 My Obsession with Bees
1.6 The Happy Birthday
1.7 The Pain of Growing Up
1.8 Soundtrack
1.9 Beautiful Makeshift
1.10 The Last Thing You Say
1.11 You and Your Bright Ideas
1.12 Show Up
1.13 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

Megan Slankard: Token of the Wreckage

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