Meike Koester

Meike Koester: Live Love Travel Free

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Meike Koester

Title: Live Love Travel Free
Label: CD Baby

"She's got what it takes to be a star!" Gerald Lehner, ORF (Austrian Public Broadcasting Service) "Truly great. In songwriting and arrangement it [the album] is really on par with international singer-songwriters." Angela Gobelin, NDR Info (Northgerman Public Radio) "Meike Koester could be famous - the German Sheryl Crow - because her American singer-songwriter pop is absolutely professional and suitable for commercial radio without ever sliding into "insignificant-la-la-pop." meike koester knows how to sing, play guitar and write songs. [...] But meike koester is not backed up by the music industry. She founded her own label and is marketing herself. The advantage is, that she's artistically free to do what she wants. The disadvantage: Now she's so free, that hardly anyone knows her. That's a shame, but it will hopefully change in the future." Susanne Burg, Deutschlandradio Kultur (German Public Radio) "Koester's mix of singer-songwriter songs and west coast rock sounds fresh, full of soul and warmth. [...] 'live love travel free' is filled with beautiful songs, splendid grooves, colorful arrangements and this sunshine voice that is able to magically get the hope for a rainbow out of an - actually sad - ballad. There's also a lot of variety and hit potential on this album: 'Giant's Basketball' surprises with gloomy gothic charm, 'Silverstar' should be on the radio, 'Casino' with Fender Rhodes and great drums, too." Matthias Schmidt, Hannoversche Allgemeine (CD-Tipp) "Braunschweig's No. 1 songwriter is constantly on tour through Europe and America - for her third band album she went back to her roots and invited Olaf Reitmeier (Hyperchild, Bosse) into the studio for her ballads and mid-tempo songs. The result [is an album with] international class and maybe will be [meike's] breakthrough with it's mixture between Melissa Etheridge and Sheryl Crow. With 'Stop Haunting Me' she already has a potential hit song to start with." Matthias Schröder, Subway "[...]'live love travel free' contains 13 expressive pop/rock tracks, that come across as very different from the 'cookie cutter standards' that you hear on commercial radio. Her lyrics are thoughtful and often very personal. The same is true for her songs, and for the tougher themes she also doesn't shy away from tougher sounds [...]" Roland Kaschube, Bassprofessor "[...] The result is an album, that leaves nothing to be desired. Perfectly crafted, musically inventive and as variable in mood as life itself are the 14 tracks of the Braunschweig musician, [...]. Her compositions are brimming with ideas and emotion, an art that only a few know how to master. [...]" Claus Kohlmann, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung.

1.1 Tell the Universe
1.2 Westbound Train
1.3 Giant's Basketball
1.4 Visitor
1.5 Casino
1.6 Life's Too Short
1.7 Silverstar
1.8 Stop Haunting Me
1.9 Traveling
1.10 Your Language
1.11 Why Worry
1.12 World of Illusions
1.13 When Stars Are Falling/ Jazz Up on the Roof

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