Melanie Denard

Melanie Denard: Melanie Denard: Dare to Live

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Artist: Melanie Denard

Artist: Melanie Denard
Title: Melanie Denard: Dare to Live

Miss Melanie Denard is truly a breath of fresh air on the country music scene by virtue of her unique voice and her signature "take no prisoners" singing style. Melanie is the essence of the strong, independent woman who survives life's unpredictable seasons of love, heartache, divorce, and "starting over", and emerges stronger and wiser. Melanie says, "My heart can be broken but not my spirit. Life has taught me that I have to stand up for myself, especially in matters of the heart, and that's a hard lesson for a woman in love to learn. Sometimes a woman just has to reach down into her inner self and find some attitude and sass in order to survive with her heart intact and still able to celebrate life. That's what my songs are about". "I am so moved when listeners are drawn into a song of mine and can't get it out of their heads. That's such an honor. It's the best and highest validation an entertainer can receive. It nourishes my artistic spirit in a way that nothing else ever could." Melanie recorded this remarkable 13-song album with ace Nashville Producer Dan Frizsell at Legends Studio. (Thanks, Dan, for always using the cream of Nashville's A-List musicians!) Melanie's album is chock full of songs from hit country songwriters such as Rodney Clawson, Brian White, Sharon Vaughn, Vicoria Shaw, Gary Burr, Kylie Sackley, Steve Dean, John Rich, Gretchen Wilson. Andrew Dorff, Dan Poythress Barry Dean, Karyn Rochelle, Phil O'Donell, Robin Haley, NicoleWitt, Karyn Williams, Dan Frizsell, Sherrie Austin, and many other outstanding songwriters. Melanie's music is creating a buzz around Nashvile and elsewhere. Here is an abbreviated sampling: Music Row's esteemed music critic Robert K. Oermann has this to say about Melanie's debut single, "Tumblin' Down": "She has a very appealing huskiness in her voice, full of barely suppressed fire. I'll bet she can really take charge of a stage. Promising, indeed." (Amen.) Melanie also received Mr. Oermann's coveted MR Discovery Award. "Girl, You Rock!", T. Graham Brown, country blues legend. "Country Soul In Every Note!", Bruce Burch, noted country music industry expert and hit songwriter. "Terrific Vocals, Dynamic Performer", Robert Case, Music Connection contributor. ' Really strong voice, really good', Chilli and T-Boz of TLC.

1.1 Something I Never Thought I'd Say
1.2 Cure for You
1.3 Bourbon
1.4 All I Ever Did Was Love You
1.5 Tumblin' Down
1.6 I'll Try Anything
1.7 Dare to Live
1.8 Tryin' to Be Me
1.9 A Lot to Show from Loving You
1.10 A Million and One
1.11 Baby You're Back
1.12 Richest One
1.13 Son of a Preacher Man

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