Melanie Hammet

Melanie Hammet: Edifice Complex (& Other Urban Plans)

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Artist: Melanie Hammet

Artist: Melanie Hammet
Title: Edifice Complex (& Other Urban Plans)

"Edifice Complex and other urban plans" is a seven-song collection of music that distills land-use concepts into human-size basics. Melanie Hammet's experience with musical theatre is evident in the inventive approach to her subject. "CarTune," for example, is orchestrated with a band of live automobile sounds; the vocals and instruments on every track are layered, surprising, and imaginative. "Edifice Complex" was written during Hammet's artist residency at The Seaside Institute's Escape To Create program. The month-long stay in the "most imitated town in America, (NYTimes 2005)" was the perfect backdrop for creating the music of urban examination. Who ever thought NIMBY was a sing-a-long subject?

1.1 (Anatomy of) the Street Where You Live
1.2 Where Shall We Gather
1.3 Cartune
1.4 Master of the Borrowed Dog
1.5 What Happens Next
1.6 Planning and Zoning
1.7 Lay of the Land

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