Melinda Dimaio

Melinda Dimaio: See Through

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Artist: Melinda Dimaio

Artist: Melinda Dimaio
Title: See Through

"JaFoCo"! That's the term Melinda Dimaio has coined to describe her eclectic musical style, which fuses elements of jazz, folk and country. With a vocal quality that draws from a rich palette of shades and hues, DiMaio's sound has been described as Patsy Cline meets Joni Mitchell. Soft, crunchy, salty and sweet, Melinda's songbook is a trail mix of textures and flavors that comment on the joys, challenges, humor and ironies of the human condition. Though many of her songs emerge from personal experiences, she enjoys stepping into the skin of others to write from a variety of perspectives, thus giving her material a diverse array of viewpoints. Her driving rhythmic guitar playing, skillful vocal stylings and sheer energy draws fans to her performances again and again. Be it in a large hall or small café, Melinda Dimaio's sound invites her listeners in and makes each feel as if she were singing to him or her alone.

1.1 Leap of Faith
1.2 Sliver of the Moon
1.3 Keep the Light on
1.4 Stay
1.5 See Through
1.6 Can You Feel Me
1.7 Cry
1.8 Forgot to Remember
1.9 Seasons
1.10 Koolaid

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