Melita Doostan & Octopretzel: Shirei Gan Shalom-Songs in the Garden

Melita Doostan & Octopretzel: Shirei Gan Shalom-Songs in the Garden
Title: Shirei Gan Shalom-Songs in the Garden
Label: CD Baby

Shirei Gan Shalom is an album of engaging, melodic, and educational songs for kids and families, with a Jewish focus. From traditional folk songs to Klezmer fiddle tunes to kids singing along with the Hebrew alphabet, the album is sure to put a smile on your face, inspire you to sing along, and get your kids up and dancing. This CD is inspired by Gan Shalom Preschool, in Berkeley CA. I was a teacher at this very special school for four years, before the birth of my daughter - an experience which in many ways inspired and most definitely supported my love of working with children. What I learned from the teachers, some of whom are still there years later, truly informed who I am as a teacher and as a person. The play-based curriculum deeply supports growing 'whole' people, creating a space for children to become who they really are. The intention at Gan Shalom is to nurture the emotional, the creative, the imaginative, and the intellectual sides of children, allowing them the freedom to explore life in a safe and loving environment, which encourages getting messy! My daughter Leilah has spent two years at Gan Shalom, and is now moving on to kindergarten. It is amazing to me how much she has grown - in confidence, kindness, and creativity - from her experience there. Oh, and Gan Shalom has definitely helped her become an expert roly poly finder, mint leaf taste tester, and hula hooper. Many of the songs on the CD reflect the songs that Gan Shalom children sing at group times, Shabbat circles, and festive gatherings. The CD also includes songs that I use in my music classes at other Jewish preschools in the Bay Area. And it's not just for kids! I promise; if you are older than 6, you will still enjoy it :)

1.1 Hine Mah Tov
1.2 Good Morning, Boker Tov
1.3 Ani Sameach
1.4 Shehechianu
1.5 Modeh Ani
1.6 Hallelu
1.7 In the Classroom
1.8 Aleph Bet
1.9 Etz Chaim Hi
1.10 Color Song
1.11 You Huledet
1.12 Ooga Ooga
1.13 Shabbat Candles Blessing
1.14 Shabbat Shalom
1.15 Shabbat Feeling
1.16 Tzedaka
1.17 Shalom Aleichem
1.18 I Made a Little Challah
1.19 Torah Torah
1.20 Birkat Hamazon
1.21 Moshe Emet
1.22 Mah Tovu
1.23 Ei Na Refanalah
1.24 Lo Yisa Goy
1.25 Shalom Chaverim
1.26 Shma Yisrael

Melita Doostan & Octopretzel: Shirei Gan Shalom-Songs in the Garden

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