Melvins: Nude with Boots

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Melvins

Title: Nude with Boots
Label: Ipecac Recordings

In 2006 the Melvins released SENILE ANIMAL, some 24 years after they started the band, one of the best received records of their career. The album marked the end of a revolving door of musicians with the very welcome annexation of Jared & Coady of Big Business. The refreshed quartet, now featuring double drummers, graced the cover of the cover of the Wire, received a 5/5 in Alternative Press, a 9/10 in Revolver and favorable comments from Pitchfork. Now the band returns with NUDE WITH BOOTS. Recorded in Los Angeles earlier this year, the eleven track album cements the resurgence of the Melvins.

1.1 The Kicking Machine
1.2 Billy Fish
1.3 Dog Island
1.4 Dies Iraea
1.5 Suicide in Progress
1.6 The Smiling Cobra
1.7 Nude with Boots
1.8 Flush
1.9 The Stupid Creep
1.10 The Savage Hippy
1.11 It Tastes Better Than the Truth

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